'Patrice is one of the world's foremost thinkers and practitioners of drama education. ' Peter O’Connor, Associate Professor, University of Auckland, NZ          'You are still the best teacher I have ever seen!' Trish Lindberg, Professor of Education, Plymouth State University, USA          ‘I remember that your speech moved me to tears, it touched the core of my longings for education’ - Claudia Bartholomeyczik, Sprachentheater, Berlin, Germany


Drama for Spoken Language and Writing

Patrice Baldwin
Patrice Baldwin

NORWICH - 24th Sept 2014

Assessment in English

Sue Hackman Jo Shackleton
Sue Hackman & Jo Shackelton

NORWICH - 11th Nov 2014

Patrice Baldwin is an world renowned and inspirational speaker and workshop leader.  She is Chair of National Drama and a member of the advisory panel of the Cultural Learning Alliance and is also a Board Member for the Council for Subject Associations.

From 2010 to 2013 Patrice was the President of the International Drama Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) and an Executive Forum member of the World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE).  She now works freelance. To find out more about Patrice, click here.


Teaching the trickier parts of the new primary History curriculum

Alf Wilkinson
Alf Wilkinson

NORWICH - 7th October 2014

"Hands-on" with the new Primary Computing Curriculum

Dr Steve Bunce
Dr Steve Bunce

NORWICH - 7th Nov 2014

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TES Connect opinion piece by Patrice Baldwin
You may be interested in an opinion piece I wrote for TES Connect. http://news.tes.co.uk/b/tes...  Read this & other updates >
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Arts Education
Artsmark Patrice is an Artsmark Trainer and Validator and a member of the national team. She was an assessor for the pilot.

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Talk & Drama for Writing

Patrice Baldwin  Pie Corbett
Patrice Baldwin and Pie Corbett

CARDIFF - 17th October 2014

‘Classic’ literature in the new primary curriculum

Sue Hackman Jo Shackleton
Sue Hackman & Jo Shackelton

NORWICH - 14th October 2014

Talk, Poetry & Drama for Writing
Pie Corbetthttp://www.brianmoses.co.uk/images/brian_moses_small.jpgPatrice Baldwin
  Pie Corbett, Brian Moses and Patrice Baldwin

MILTON KEYNES  - 29th Sept 2014


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